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Community Behavioral Health provides behavioral health services in Cape Coral, Florida, and the surrounding areas.

Community Behavioral Health (CBH) was created by a group of mental health providers to provide outpatient mental health services in Florida. We believe in practicing integrative and holistic psychiatry with all our patients. This is an approach that looks at all aspects of your life including: mental, physical, and spiritual health. 

All new patients start with a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation that includes pharmacogenetic testing to make sure that their treatment plan and medication recommendations are tailored according to their specific needs. Our plans include medication management, therapy sessions, nutritional & supplement planning, life skills, and spiritual healing.


At Community Behavioral Health (CBH), you will never be judged for seeking help and you will be treated with respect and dignity. I hope you will join our family of successful patients and we can help you live your life with meaning again.

We Are Now Accepting New Patients

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Our Mission

We exist to ensure that families and individuals affected by mental illness can readily access effective, and compassionate services that lead to health and recovery. We do this because everyone is equally entitled to live with hope and lead meaningful lives.

Our vision is directed to create programs that help our patients to get back on their feet and making sure they stay on track of their care plan to ensure continued recovery and avoid further condition deterioration. We evaluate and secure expert service providers that help people affected by mental illness in our community. We facilitate access to individualized services that provide a continuum of care and help people function at their optimal potential.

Integrative Psychiatry

CBH is a multi-disciplinary group of Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, and Mental Health Therapists, who provide continuum of high-quality psychiatric services to children, adolescents, adults, and geriatric population in Southwest Florida. Using an integrated and holistic approach, we treat a broad range of behavioral health conditions and offer a variety of treatment options. 


Among the mental health conditions, we treat:

At CBH, we address the root of the problem rather than just the symptom. Our programs are geared towards helping people with mental health conditions to recover and making sure they stay on track of their treatment plan to avoid relapse.

Children, Adolescence, and Families

Family is EVERYTHING! At Community Behavioral Health we take a family first approach to help all of our patients. We have providers that specialize in children, adolescents, and families. We provide parents with training and tools to deal with their kids' challenging situations. Children are listened to with care and compassion. Our goal is to create a happy and loving family environment that everyone wants to be a part of.

We Are Now Accepting New Patients

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